Woke Politicians Can't Even Say the Words 'Black Crime,' Let Alone Deal With It

Woke Politicians Can't Even Say the Words 'Black Crime,' Let Alone Deal With It
AP Photo/Teresa Crawford

The murderer of a Chicago cop last Saturday is yet another liberal trifecta: a black guy with an illegal firearm resisting arrest. Cue the media silent treatment.

Poor tattoo choices aren’t Emonte Morgan’s biggest problem. He and his brother/accomplice Eric Morgan are being held without bail.

Officer Ella French was shot and killed by Morgan in Chicago after a routine traffic stop for an expired plate.

George Floyd has a bigger memorial.

The gun was purchased by a “straw buyer” named Jamel Danzy. Danzy purchased the gun legally in his hometown of Hammond, Ind., then illegally sold it to Eric Morgan. He purchased the firearm specifically for Morgan, knowing Morgan couldn’t legally buy one on his own due to a felony conviction. Eric Morgan had previously been arrested for armed robbery, convicted of felony robbery, and sentenced to a whopping three years probation. Danzy is looking at five years in prison for the gun sale.

Shame of the Day: The Chicago Police Department’s second in command, First Deputy Police Superintendent Eric Carter, couldn’t be bothered with the bagpipe ritual for Officer French.

Chicago’s Mayor Lightfoot blamed the crime on “guns, and the violence they bring.” No mention of the criminal or the anti-cop sentiment she oozes, even in her tweet “honoring” fallen Officer Ella French.

Nor did Lightfoot mention that black men, roughly 6.5% of the population, commit just over 50% of all murders. However, she has declared “racism” a public health crisis, in a town so woke that a crime victim was called a racist for confronting the people who robbed her and prevented her from calling the cops on the poor thugs. A city so dedicated to kissing the backsides of black criminals that a local news station blurred the face of a black man who killed a Puerto Rican couple execution-style, and a state attorney who allows violent black and brown criminals to stay out of jail. Let’s not get started on who is behind roughly 70% of all mass shootings.

The liberal experiment needs to be over. Black crime is wildly out of proportion, and ignoring or blurring it won’t do. Woke white politicians running blue cities can’t even say the phrase “black crime” much less deal with it. Black politicians turn a blind eye to black crime even though innocent black people are the most likely to suffer the consequences. Black folks make up roughly 12%-13% of the U.S. population but are responsible for 40% of police killings.

This is not about skin color, it’s about a culture that allows and even encourages violence. It’s about Kamala Harris telling a sexual offender who resisted arrest and got shot that she’s proud of him. It’s about Hillary Clinton suggesting to black people in Flint, Mich., that their water is dangerous because of racism, even though Flint’s mayor and city council, the people responsible for the calamity, were mostly black Democrats. Telling people they are victims of racism only encourages anger and feelings of helplessness. Pretending black crime isn’t wildly out of proportion doesn’t make one woke, it makes one an accessory.

Pinko logic: Let criminals out of jail, do away with bail to keep more criminals out, ignore the crimes they commit, tell the criminals they are victims. This is not an accident, this is all part of the plan.