Daily Dose of Downey: Black Workers Don't Want to Go Back to the Office. Can You Guess Why?

AP Photo/Noah Berger

Honkey if You’re Guilty

Only 3% of black folks want to go back to the office for work, as compared to 21% of white workers. Why? Aww, you know…..racism!

Researchers at something called Future Forum have found that only 3% of black professionals are looking forward to working in an office again, compared to 21% of white professionals. Many black research participants believe the difference in results is driven by the, here it is, “discrimination” many professionals of color face when working in an office environment.

“That’s because they don’t have to deal with the microaggressions we do,” Atlanta-based marketing and public relations “expert” Crystal Lowe told NBC News.

Big Business, Little Racism

Many major American companies have donated tens of millions of dollars to the Marxist group Black Lives Matter. Are they also engaged in office racism? Seven companies have donated cheddar to Black Lives Matter only to have the commies turn against them. For what? For not doing enough.

FACT-O-RAMA! Black people at my last office job cheered loudly when O.J. Simpson was found not guilty of cutting off the heads of two white people. Black folks downstairs on 6th Avenue also whooped it up.

This all comes at a time when, among other things,

  • Detroit prosecutors have decided not to prosecute BLM rioters
  • Breonna Taylor’s boyfriend wasn’t charged with illegally shooting a police officer through a door, which led to the shootout that killed her
  • Hundreds of BLM looters and rioters have had their charges dropped
Where Is the Office Racism?

It’s here. It’s also here, where “office racism” is costing companies mad stacks, yo.

“Working from home has brought me a level of peace that I did not anticipate, that I really didn’t expect, and frankly, that I don’t even think I knew was missing until I was able to be in my home by myself,” said Linnea, a black woman in her mid-thirties who didn’t want to mention her last name.

Psssst, there isn’t a lot of racism to be found.

Does Racism Exist in the Office?

Probably somewhere. Maybe? Rep. Brad Schneider’s (D-Ill.) employee, Patrice Campbell, who serves as a constituent services representative, said her supervisor, Karyn Davidman, “created an intolerable hostile work environment” against Campbell because of her race. Stupid Karyn…

Davidman was telling a story about constituents using lanyards to keep face masks around their necks and followed it by telling Campbell, “You are going to have to get a rope and put it around your neck.” Campbell, who is the only black staffer in Schneider’s office, said the comments were inappropriate and a reference to lynching. Davidman responded that the “rope” was in fact a “lanyard” for masks.

Yawn. Seems to me someone wants to cash in by playing the race card. Which frequently works.

What the…?

On the other side, because I’m fair, another white person, Leslie Chislett, became the fourth plaintiff to accuse Richard Carranza, New York City’s schools chancellor, of creating an atmosphere in which white Dept. of Education (DOE) employees are “swiftly and irrevocably silenced, sidelined and punished” if they object to being stereotyped by their minority colleagues.

NOW who is racist?

This Sounds Like a Racial Threat

 Happy #BlackOutTuesday!