Your 2nd Amendment Update: CMT Goes Woke, 2A Sanctuaries, and Good Guys Shooting Bad Guys

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Know Your Crowd

By now you’ve heard that a federal judge nuked what should have never been, California’s “assault weapon” ban. Did you also hear about the “award-winning” guntard blathering on about how the 2nd Amendment is now suddenly “racist”? The news I really didn’t see coming was Country Music Television (CMT) caving to the wokesters and asking its viewers to wear orange in honor of “Gun Violence Awareness Day.” Do they not know who their crowd is? That’s like going to a prison and asking the inmates to wear pink ribbons in honor of “No Shiv November.” A CMT tweet said,

We’re (virtually) wearing orange today in support National Gun Violence Awareness Day and to call attention to the more than 100 lives that are lost every day to gun violence.

I left them a snotty message. I think it would be funny if you did, too. I guess they “forgot” that 67% of those shootings are suicides and most of the others involve gangs or drugs.

Red, White and Not So Blue

Looking for a new place to live where your rights aren’t at risk? Check out the 2nd Amendment Sanctuary Map for a county you can truly call home. Over 1,500 counties nationwide have thumbed their noses at the pinkos who want to take away your guns and leave the bad guys armed. Compare the maps from January 15 to the map of May 6 and see how quickly freedom is spreading. Entire states have voted to keep their guns despite what the Biden administration has planned. Some of the most dangerous counties in the nation (even in Chicago, New York, etc.) haven’t jumped on the bandwagon. Weird, right?

Good Guys With Guns

Nothing makes me chuckle more than good people shooting horrible people. Here are a couple of heartwarming stories of the 2nd Amendment with happy endings.

Donald Trump
Townhall Media/Storm Paglia

A man broke into the home of an elderly couple in Cathedral City, Calif., (first poor choice) — perhaps assuming they were easy targets (second poor choice). The invader demanded the couple leave “his” house, then reportedly threatened the lives of the homeowners (third and final poor choice). At this point, he was promptly shot once in the chest by the 85-year-old husband. Police, responding to a 911 call of an intruder threatening to kill the couple inside, arrived after the husband had already perforated the interloper, who was subsequently relocated to the intensive care unit where he was listed in stable condition. He was a total stranger to the couple. “We hold no animosity towards him and hope he gets the help he needs,” the couple told KESQ News.

Gang Banger

Atlanta police initially thought they were investigating a run-of-the-mill shooting, but the facts led them to believe there was more happening than meets the eye. Before their investigation was over, five men, including the guy that got shot, were under arrest. All five men had been pummeling a man when he pulled a gun and shot one of them. Bystanders told the police the shooter took off, but the cops found a man who looked like he had been “seriously physically assaulted,” the police said. The shooting was ruled to have been in self-defense and the victim was not arrested.