Lefties Finally Figure Out Michael Moore Is Unreliable and Not Very Honest

Lefties Finally Figure Out Michael Moore Is Unreliable and Not Very Honest
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A few years back I or someone else (but I think it was me) coined the term “crockumentary” specifically to describe Michael Moore. He doesn’t produce documentaries. He creates crockumentaries. They’re stories he skillfully pieces together to create crocks full of…stuff…to serve his political agenda. They also make the socialist-leaning fellow a lot of money he uses to buy himself big houses and buy status that gets him heard by Democrats.

Because even the most socialist Democrats love money. They love making it, and they love taking it from you even more.

This is all Moore has done, from Roger & Me forward. Remember when he portrayed Saddam Hussein’s Baghdad, Iraq, as a happy place where kids joyfully played with balloons in Fahrenheit 9-11? That film inspired the term “crockumentary.” It’s in the Urban Dictionary and everything.

Flash forward and Moore hasn’t changed, but he is out with a new film. It’s called Planet of the Humans and it seems to argue that green energy isn’t as green as it’s made out to be by the committed green cause brigades. If that’s his argument, it’s true. He’s right, for once, but he’s probably using facts to serve devious ends. That’s another part of his game. Tell a little truth to serve a larger lie.

Regarding energy, yep, there is no free lunch, and if we want our mobility, our smartphones, our Internet and Netflix and Zoom and all of that, it comes at some cost. Adults understand the concept. We have to pull the energy out of the ground or pull something else out of the ground and turn it into a machine of some kind to generate energy and store it. Either way, we’re making holes in the ground and burning stuff to power our lives. Oil saves whales, as I’ve written before, and these days it’s allowing millions of us to keep working despite the coronavirus pandemic. Imagine if we didn’t have oil keeping our computers going and our internet on during the past six weeks? Anarchy. And a lot more death. Oil (along with coal, nuclear and other sources) powers our hospitals too.

Moore has always been unreliable. He is the person who touted Cuba’s health care system as superior to ours, despite the fact that you have never heard a single person say, ever, “Well, the doctor told me I have cancer. Guess I’m heading to Cuba to get surgery.”

Have you ever heard anyone say that? Of course not. But Michael Moore tried to sell a whopper of a lie that Cuba — communist, backwater, island prison Cuba — has a better health care system than the United States in his 2007 mockumentary, Sicko. People risk their lives on rickety little homemade rafts to cross shark-infested waters to escape that place, not to go there to get back surgery. Cuba doesn’t even make the best cigars anymore. The island is stuck in the 1950s thanks to the Castros. Its health care system is not and never was better than ours. Unless you listen to Michael Moore.

So Planet of the Humans evidently says green energy isn’t all that green. Moore’s latest crock is stirring his friends on the left to rise against him. And that’s hilarious.

Now they’re calling Moore a “flack for oil and gas.” Hilarious. They’re suggesting he’s dishonest (which he is). Hilarious. The Nation says it’s “wildly unscientific, outdated, full of falsehoods,” which makes it just like every other film Michael Moore has ever made!

It’s a wonder to behold. Someone on the left is finally catching on to Moore’s evil — but lucrative! — game.

I haven’t seen the movie yet, but The Nation suggests Moore uses the film to stump for population control and that’s the big lie he’s using some nuggets of truth to serve up. The Nation further suggests that being for population control is a bad thing.

The Nation is right about that. Population control creates a Pandora’s box of government policy horrors that destroy human rights and dignity.

But from there, the Nation piece suggests Moore is racist, or at least aligning himself with racists, for supporting population control.

Right again! Population control has long been the vehicle racists use to dress their racism up in a scientific skin suit. It leads to terrible places including Auschwitz and its gas chambers and Pol Pot and his killing fields.

So why does eugenicist, Nazi sympathizer and racist Margaret Sanger and the genocidal organization she founded — Planned Parenthood — always get a pass?


All Michael Moore is really doing is using his own professed ignorance and non-green energy to serve up Sanger’s old agenda, which is Hillary Clinton’s agenda, Joe Biden’s agenda, the Democrats’ agenda, the left’s agenda…so why do they get a pass and Moore doesn’t?

Get the popcorn ready… Or grab a pretzel.

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