Hawley and Cruz Are Winning the MAGA Primary

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 Did Senators Josh Hawley and Ted Cruz instigate insurrection on January 6th?

Of course not. But to see how they’re treated now you’d think both of them pulled some Rosenberg spy shenanigans. 

Wait, no, that’s not a good comparison. You’ll still find many on the left who’ll go to bat for the Rosenbergs, the communist couple who gave the Soviet Union secrets to America’s atomic weapons in the 1940s. Back then, the FBI investigated and punished insurrectionist activity. Today it abets it. But Hawley and Cruz are the problem? 

No one in the media will step up and defend Hawley and Cruz while the Democrats opportunistically attempt to blacklist and kick them out of Congress. The media and social media love to beat up on Sen. Josh Hawley and Sen. Ted Cruz. This just proves them both right and makes them stronger with the voters who matter most to their futures.  

Recently Cruz extended an olive branch to radical Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. The two agreed on the r/wallstreetbets story. They agreed there was nothing wrong with the redditors turning the tables on predatory hedge funds that drive other companies’ stocks down and even drive them out of business for their own profits. They agreed that Congress should investigate why online stock trading app Robinhood, which is funded by one of the hedge funds involved in the GameStop stock story, blocked users from buying the stock at a critical moment. They agreed that it looked like blatant market manipulation.  

AOC set Cruz’s olive branch on fire and tried to shove it down his throat when she shamelessly accused Cruz of trying to have her killed. What is she talking about? Did he sneak up on her and mug her on Washington DC’s increasingly violent, out-of-control streets? 

Cruz did no such thing. He never threatened her in any way. He did threaten to expose some fraud or restore faith in our elections. 

Cruz, Sen. Hawley, and others merely wanted the 2020 election audited. Such an audit would have accomplished one of two things. It would have found fraud and those responsible would have been subject to prosecution, which would reassure nearly half the country who doubt the election’s integrity. Or, it would have found that the election was clean, which would also have reassured the nearly half the country who doubt the election’s integrity.  That’s not insurrection by any definition. They were fighting to make sure the election was clean and only legal votes counted.  

Either way would have been a positive outcome for the country. Instead, lingering doubt plus Joe Biden’s obscene and dictatorial executive orders, plus AOC’s childish behavior, mean we’re more divided now than we were a few weeks ago. Now we’ll never know if the 2020 election was as dirty as a North Korean vote or as clean as the driven snow. 

Even allegedly moderate Democrat Sen. Joe Manchin got in on the cancel act when he argued the Senate could use the 14th Amendment to expel them and others for engaging in “insurrection.” That Reconstruction-era amendment was meant to keep former Confederates out of government. But it wasn’t even used with full vigor against them. Several former Confederate generals went on to serve in the United States Army. Several others served high posts in post-Civil War administrations. Pelosi and her cancel crew would write them all out of history. Too bad they were all Democrats.  

The Democratic Party waged the largest true insurrection against the United States, from 1861 to 1865. Why hasn’t anyone called for the Democratic Party to be canceled?

Cruz suffered long-term damage from being the last rival standing against Trump in the 2016 presidential primary. That plus the media-fluffed and Hollywood-funded “Beto effect” almost cost him his Senate seat in 2018. But where are we now? Beto is teaching a do-nothing class at a college and talking about running for Texas governor. Texas is laughing at the fake Latinx and finding new appreciation for Cruz as he battles the radical Biden administration. Texas’ Tejano voted skewed redder than ever in 2020

Cruz grilled Biden’s Transportation Secretary nominee, Pete Buttigieg, for Biden’s stroke-of-the-pen mass killing of Keystone XL pipeline jobs. Republicans appreciate having leaders who’ll stand up for American jobs against an administration that seems hell-bent on destroying them. AOC’s unhinged antics just reinforce the fact that she’s a socialist and fake populist, a puppet of the far left who supports killing American jobs. If she had her way every oil and natural gas worker in the country would be unemployed tomorrow.  

Meanwhile Sen. Hawley got hit by cancel culture after warning about its dangers. Simon & Schuster canceled the book it asked Hawley to write – about tech tyranny and cancel culture, ironically – making Hawley a martyr to a cause that should worry all Americans who value freedom of speech and thought.  The publishing giant’s rash decision made Hawley stronger. He found another publisher quickly and is now sure to sell a whole lot more books detailing the dangers of cancel culture. He can go on a national tour and tell his story about standing up for election integrity and getting canceled by the left for it. He lived that story. Cancel culture won’t stop until it cancels our country. Hawley knows that. The authors of the heinous 1619 Project know that. The battle is joined and Hawley will be one of its generals.  

A recent poll found Hawley’s approval at a whopping 63% among Republicans in Missouri and close to a majority overall. No other Show Me State Republican enjoys such strong approval.  

Every one of these attacks just makes Hawley and Cruz stronger. They’re standing up for the basic rights and freedoms we all once took for granted, but which are under serious threat from the Big Tech tyrants and their Democrat allies. 

Hawley and Cruz didn’t lead any insurrection and smearing them doesn’t make it so. Sometimes it’s good to be hated by all the right people. Twitter abets cancel culture and it skews hard left. When it hates on conservatives such as Hawley and Cruz, they can wear that rage like the badge of honor that it is. Those Twitter haters are AOC voters. Bernie bros. Pelosi pests. Not MAGA country. They won’t be voting in the 2024 MAGA primary. Right now, Cruz and Hawley are running away with that primary.  


A.J. Rice is CEO of Publius PR, a premier communications firm in Washington D.C. Rice is a brand manager, star-whisperer and auteur media influencer, who has produced or promoted Laura Ingraham, Donald Trump Jr., Judge Jeanine Pirro, Newt Gingrich, Monica Crowley, Charles Krauthammer, Alan Dershowitz, Pete Hegseth, Steve Hilton, Victor Davis Hanson, and many others. Find out more at

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