Robert Bidinotto


Robert Bidinotto is author of HUNTER, a self-published thriller that, last December, became a Wall Street Journal “Top 10 Fiction Ebook” bestseller and the #1 Kindle bestseller in “Mysteries and Thrillers.” He also is an award-winning editor and author of nonfiction books, articles, essays, film and book reviews. A former Staff Writer for Reader’s Digest, Robert earned a national reputation as an authority on criminal justice while writing investigative crime articles. His famous July 1988 article “Getting Away with Murder” stirred a national controversy about crime and prison furlough programs during that year’s presidential campaign, and it is widely credited with influencing the outcome of the election. It was selected as a “National Magazine Award” finalist by the American Society of Magazine Editors. Robert wrote the acclaimed book "Criminal Justice? The Legal System vs. Individual Responsibility," with a foreword by John Walsh of the “America's Most Wanted” television show, and "Freed to Kill," a compendium of horror stories exposing the failings of the justice system. He drew upon this background to write his crime thriller, HUNTER. He was awarded the Free Press Association’s Mencken Award in 1985 for “Best Feature Story,” and he has been honored by the National Victim Center and other victim-rights organizations for his outspoken public advocacy on behalf of crime victims. In 2007, as a magazine editor, he won the industry’s top honor for editorial excellence—the Folio Gold “Eddie” Award. Before deciding to self-publish the debut novel in the “Dylan Hunter” thriller series, Robert thoroughly researched the rapidly evolving publishing industry. In the wake of HUNTER’s remarkable success, he now shares with aspiring writers what he has learned about emerging options in the exciting new world of “indie” publishing. He also blogs about the topic at “The Vigilante Author” (