A former California schoolteacher and Indiana military historian, Ari Kaufman now resides in Minnesota and does public relations.

WRITTEN BY Ari J. Kaufman
I've recently traversed every city, town, landmark throughout the region and after hearing so many misguided cliches, must set the record straight.
The American Midwest is home to many great cities, but after visiting them all multiple times, one I resided in for five years tops my list.
America's Heartland is a spectacular region for travel, but some places aren't necessarily worth your time or tourism dollar.
Since departing Los Angeles a decade ago, I've lived in five Midwestern cities and visited nearly every inch of the terrain for business and pleasure. America's Heartland is wonderful to travel around, especially these locales.
Getting the pulse via street interviews with primary voters.
The situation is fluid, but Iowa Republicans know which candidate they don't want.