'Democracy Is at Stake' — This Week Only!

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A memo clearly went out among the elite media Monday to write a lot about “democracy” all week.

The Washington Post took the cake for hyperventilation by running three columns Monday about the “survival” of democracy.

The latter, penned by longtime leftist E.J. Dionne, specifically advised Democrats on how they can avoid a shellacking in November’s congressional elections. You know how? Make them about democracy.

This means passing so-called “democracy” bills.

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We should not expect voters to forgive Democrats for soaring inflation, record violent crime, the border crisis, COVID-19 failures, the Afghanistan debacle, and not delivering the unifying presidency Joe Biden promised, simply because some brainwashed goons stormed the U.S. Capitol a year ago.

And the person on whose behalf the Capitol was attacked now runs ahead of Biden by in national polling. That wouldn’t be the case if voters viewed former President Donald Trump as a “threat to democracy.”

Trump isn’t on the ballot this fall. So even voters who deplore him and his role in the riots likely won’t view the Republican running for office in their district or state in a similar way.

Polls also prove that most voters don’t believe ensuring a fair election is somehow anti-democratic.

If Democrats somehow avoid a shellacking this autumn, it will be due to reduced inflation, diminishing coronavirus deaths, less crime, and a semi-secure border, not by deeming Republicans “enemies of democracy.”

Their current agenda shows they are using Jan. 6 for partisan politics.

“The latest pitch for the Democratic voting agenda is more cynical and detached from reality than ever,” Rich Lowry writes in Tuesday’s New York Post. “We are to believe that the only way to counteract the furies unleashed on Jan. 6 is by imposing same-day voter registration and no-excuse mail voting on the states, ending partisan gerrymandering and requiring the counting of ballots that arrive up to seven days after Election Day, among other provisions completely irrelevant to events that day or afterward. Their agenda has as much to do with Jan. 6 as an annual appropriations bill or the naming of a post office.”

Based on the transparent focus of Leader Chuck Schumer and Senate Democrats, Lowry is correct — surely more so than leftists saying the world is ending or newsletter editorial boards screaming that “every day is January 6 now.”

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