The Rosett Report

Well, That Was Exciting

Would I kid you? After a lively campaign, exposing himself to extensive public scrutiny and running against a field of well-qualified, well-publicized and thoroughly vetted candidates, Ban Ki-Moon was re-elected with a solid majority to a second five-year term as United Nations secretary-general.

OK, just kidding. Ban Ki-Moon did indeed just win a second term, which means he will carry on as secretary-general through Dec. 31, 2016. But there was nothing remotely resembling a normal democratic campaign or democratic process. After various backroom discussions, Ban was recommended for a second term by the 15-member UN Security Council, and approved for the job by acclamation –– meaning unanimous consent — of the UN General Assembly. Only in the dictatorships of the world are results like these regarded as “democratic,” which should perhaps tell us something about the nature of such major decisions at the UN.