The Rosett Report

Yes, Happy Easter -- and Seize the Day

Chiming in here with my fellow Pajamas bloggers — A Happy Easter. It’s spring, in what is already shaping up as a momentous year. Whether for better or worse –perhaps a good deal of both –is harder than usual to predict. A thought, quite obvious, but one I repeat at times to myself. The political and cultural scenes are a source right now of endless frustration and argument. That won’t go away, and it may be a long time before it even begins to diminish. So, in your own life, seize the day. By all means, enter the fray. But keep for yourself some private place in which you enjoy what’s good in the here and now. I have been watching the struggles in recent years of a number of those near and dear hit with illness, in some cases much too young — though at any age that’s hard. And, sure we all know this, but it bears repeating. To be alive, especially if you are feeling well enough to take a stroll, do a dance, climb a mountain — that is a magnificent thing.