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Dubai's Candid Camera

Dubai authorities have provided a terrific display of their surveillance abilities, with the video footage released last week of 11 alleged assassins now wanted for the Jan. 19 murder in a plush Dubai hotel room of a top Hamas terrorist, Mahmoud al-Mabhouh — who was a big player in smuggling arms from Iran to Gaza.

But why stop with releasing video of al-Mabhouh’s alleged assassins? As an offshore banking center and top trading partner for Iran, Dubai is a crossroads for all sorts of interesting characters — such as the late al-Mabhouh, and “members of his group,” whom Dubai authorities say he met with shortly before he was murdered. If surveillance in Dubai is that good, may we please see more? — starting with footage of al-Mabhouh himself, and those mysterious members of his “group.” Imagine the possibilities for a full-length feature film. More in my column this week for, on Video Killer Thriller in Dubai.