10,000 Organic Chickens Bite the Dust for Copenhagen

While we wait for the Copenhagen climate climax on Thursday, featuring Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Venezuela’s Hugo Chavez and Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe among those who would lead us to a low-carbon world, there’s time to peruse some of the tid-bits offered up by the UN to the little folk looking in online. Thus, on the UNFCCC main page, do we find such items as the tonnage of food being consumed by the thousands of delegates at Denmark’s Bella Center conference facilities. The UN description omits the caviar, and probably a few other items enjoyed in the stratosphere around “Seal-the-Deal” Ban Ki-Moon and the other loftiest eminences. But we do learn that by the time they finish their labors amid the snows of Denmark, the global uberlords of eco-everything will have consumed:


10,000 organic chickens, 50 tons of potatoes, two tons of couscous and five ton[s] of fish, prepared by 100 chefs and served by 400 waitressing staff.

OK, let’s state the obvious. It might seem that if these folks had the integrity to practice what they preach, they’d be back home, with the lights low, videoconferencing in, while eating only vegetables. But I guess that would leave 100 unemployed Danish chefs and 400 workless waitresses. Anything for the cause.


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