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When Do We Get to Read the Rest of the UN Emails on Climate Change?

The data-manipulating emails of Climategate have made a splash, with damning implications for the UN’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change. But is this just the tip of the UN climate con iceberg?

Shepherding, rewarding and promoting global alarm about “climate change” is a whopping beneficiary of this movement (bigger even than Al Gore) — the United Nations global system. Failing to achieve forward motion for peace or nonproliferation, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has been grandstanding for more than two years about the UN’s war on the weather — and has made it his chief mission to persuade developed nations to “seal the deal” on a “climate” pact that would constrict production, transfer vast amounts to wealth to some of the worst governments on the planet, and put the unaccountable, opaque and too often self-serving bureaucracy of the UN at the switch. The UN’s IPCC collected the other half of the Al Gore Nobel Weather Prize, but do UN insiders really believe the IPCC is a bastion of untainted science? (If you want to check out who’s providing “guidance” for the IPCC, check out their web site — some of my favorites on the current roster are Iran, Cuba and Sudan).

Climate bureaucracy has become a major aspect of employment throughout the UN system, with almost every UN agency and program enlisting fresh bevies of staff to work the climate angles. On its climate “Gateway” web page, the UN lists more than three dozen UN-system “partners on climate change,” from the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights to the UN Development Program (star of the Cash-for-Kim scandal two years ago in North Korea) to the International Telecommunications Union. On the basis of calculations performed deep within the entrails of UN bureacracies that thrive these days by attributing the world’s troubles to climate and then allocating blame, penalties,  bonanzas and UN commissions on the basis of the IPCC “scientific consensus,” this same UN climate Gateway web page informs us that “Seven of ten disasters are climate related.” To fix this, the UN tells us, we need only trust to the UN’s guidance. That would be the same UN that not so long ago dealt with its own propensity for corruption by disbanding its anti-corruption task force; the same UN that once claimed Oil-for-Food was the most heavily audited program it had ever run; the same UN that can’t tally its own global budget.

And of course, just ahead lies the Copenhagen climate summit, with Ban calling for a deal to be sealed which, with great pain for the world’s most productive societies, and great gain for the UN’s expanding empire of carbon-0-crats, “satisfies the demands of science.” That would be the UN version of science, which, if it bears any resemblance to the UN version of book-keeping, should give great pause. The UN has immense vested interests here, and is clearly prepared to roll right over the disclosures of climategate. These are decisions which within the UN go way beyond the IPCC, and involve UN officials — all the way up to Ban Ki-moon — ignoring any genuine scientific dissent that doesn’t fit their plans, or fill the UN coffers. What would we see were we able to peer into the “climate” emails exchanged throughout the UN system over the years? Just asking.