The Rosett Report

So How Could It All Get Worse?

The Fort Hood shooting, the goverment and mass media denial that this was jihadi terrorism, while President Obama urges us not to rush to judgment, dithers over Afghanistan, declines to attend the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall, panders to Iran, and astride an exploding federal budget and tanking dollar is busy pushing socialized medicine….  So, what next?

Right on cue, here comes the United Nations, with its “climate change” plans to operate as the global toll booth for the process of combustion itself — never mind the questionable and politicized science, the Nobel-bedecked quackery, and the UN’s chronic tendencies toward corruption, nepotism, bad ideas, abused mandates, feather-bedding bureaucracies and stages and sugarplums for tyrants. Hoping to lock up your right to exhale, the UN is peddling the costliest hocus-pocus in the history of the known universe, promising against all odds to fine-tune the climate of the planet around the precise global temperatures and sea levels that applied as Al Gore embarked on his movie-making career– give or take a few climate conferences in places like Bali and Rio. The big moment looms with the UN’s climate conference in Copenhagen next month, where UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon hopes to achieve a binding deal that would first and foremost soak U.S. citizens — lopping off human productivity and potential, and requiring the transfer of enormous wealth chiefly from free nations to some of the world’s worst-governed states (think North Korea, Burma, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Laos….).

So, trying to move this project along, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon is reportedly making the rounds in Washington today — lobbying Congress to support plans for this UN command-and-control extravaganza. When Ban made a similar pilgrimage to Washington back in March, he accused the U.S. — the UN’s main sugar-daddy — of being a “deadbeat.” That was a breath-taking display of arrogance. But it pales to nothing compared to the arrogance, intrusions and costs we can expect if the UN climate deal goes through. For Ban to be lobbying Congress may also be a violation of the UN charter, which in Article II, clause 7, forbids the UN from intervening “in matters which are essentially within the domestic jurisdiction of any state.” Is anyone minding this store?