The Rosett Report

"The Respected Comrade Supreme Commander Is Our Destiny"

No, “The Respected Comrade Supreme Commander Is Our Destiny” is not a new Obama campaign slogan — it just sounds like one. It’s actually the title of a movie that was screened this past Saturday at the People’s Palace of Culture in Pyongyang, North Korea. But if some wag were to slip it into the lineup this week at the Democratic Convention in Denver, would anyone notice the difference?

The mix-and-match sloganeering for yes-we-can, we-are-the-change-we-seek, hope, destiny, moment, and above all, change, including the changing meaning of change, has reached the point at which there is simply no meaning left in the words — they have become blank checks which Americans are asked to “come together” and sign. Along with Beltway diehard Joe Biden now joining the comrades for change (scroll down for the video), we are about to see such rusting Democratic fixtures as Jimmy Carter, Jesse Jackson and the Clintons warming up the crowd these next three nights for the grand finale mass rally at INVESCO Field: “Change You Can Believe In.”

Come to think of it, if someone were to slip some of this stuff into the program at the Pyongyang People’s Palace of Culture, would anyone notice the difference?