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UN Fauxcilitation of the Israel-Hezbollah Swap

As if today’s swap of the bodies of kidnapped and murdered Israeli soldiers for live Lebanese terrorists were not sickening enough, UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon weighs in to hail the deal. Saying he hopes “this will be the beginning of many to come,” Ban applauded this triumph for terrorism as a victory for “the leadership and initiative” of the UN’s mystery “facilitator” — an unnamed German official appointed back in 2006 by Kofi Annan (assuming it has been the same “facilitator” since then, and that this is not just a handy UN label for anyone and everyone who on the UN’s behalf happens to be glad-handing Hezbollah  and its Iranian terror masters).

Maybe the better term for the activity of this acclaimed anonymous UN facilitator would be fauxcilitation. This is UN “diplomacy” on a par with the fauxtography that came pouring out of the Hezbollah camp in the 2006 war. 

In lauding the “prisoner exchange,” as the UN calls this swap of coffins for terrorists, Ban totally ignores the terms of the UN’s own Resolution 1701, (if the UN’s user-unfriendly document system blocks you out, here’s another link to the text of Res. 1701) adopted by the Security Council on August 11, 2006. This was supposed to end the war that Hezbollah launched in July 2006 by kidnapping from inside Israel the two soldiers — Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev — whose bodies have now been redeemed by Israel at staggering cost — with terrible implications for the future security not only of Israel, but of such places as New York (where Ban Ki-Moon, courtesy of U.S. taxpayers, currently resides). Resolution 1701 stated clearly the UN’s aim was “the unconditional release of the abducted Israeli soldiers.”

Has Ban Ki-Moon even bothered to read that clause? Or do UN resolutions mean as little to the UN Secretary-General as they do to Tehran and Hezbollah?

On the matter of Lebanese authorities preparing a hero’s welcome for the terrorists sprung by this UN-facilitated deal — dealt out to the Israelis as anything but “unconditional” — Ban has so far remained silent. Perhaps he is too busy with UN efforts to ladle hundreds of millions of dollars worth of aid into Lebanon, where a UN lacking a definition of “terrorist” is busy, in effect, helping to construct the launching pads for the next war.