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UN World Food Program Hearts Robert Mugabe

No matter how bad you think the UN is, there’s always something worse. This morning the UN came out with a press release about the UN’s World Food Program hustling more food to Kim Jong Il’s North Korea (despite the long record of food aid to North Korea effectively beefing up not the people who are actually starving, but nuclear-extortionist Kim Jong Il and his over-sized military). Just on a hunch, I checked out which countries right now enjoy seats on the WFP’s 36-member executive board — which is its governing body, shaping policy and, at least in theory, providing oversight for the billions worth of food the WFP receives every year from countries such as the U.S., and doles out largely to feed the captive populations of the world’s dictators.

There on the WFP board, seated alongside the likes of the U.S., U.K. and Japan, is the government of — you guessed it — Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe. And he has interesting company. Also on the WFP board are Iran, Russia, Pakistan, Cuba and Sudan. Is this really a good idea?