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Uh-Oh, University of Chicago in Danger of Fostering Genuine Diversity of Ideas

Three cheers for the University of Chicago’s President Robert Zimmer and Provost Thomas Rosenbaum, for sticking to their plans to name a new research center after the late Milton Friedman — who for many years graced the U of C economics faculty, and spent his life making the case that free markets are vital to both prosperity and liberty. (Here’s a link to his marvelous 1980 TV series, “Free to Choose”).

Individual freedom is, of course, an idea that drives some academics — actually, a lot of post-modernist, deconstructionist, uniformly diverse academics –right up the wall. So, according to the Chicago Tribune, 101 U of C professors have signed a letter to the university president protesting plans to put Milton Friedman’s name on this new institute.

Why? Because, they say, they fear this might “reinforce among the public a perception that the university’s faculty lacks intellectual and ideological diversity.”

 That’s just fascinating. So — let’s replay that tape — the way these academics propose to ensure a perception of diversity is by scrubbing the name of a scholar who for decades made the University of Chicago stand out as a home of original thought.