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Condi's Legacy: Nuclear Fool for Saudi Arabia

Last month, when Condi Rice signed a memorandum of understanding with the Saudi foreign minister saying that America would help Saudi Arabia develop a nuclear program, I noted 15 reasons why this was a bad idea. In today’s Wall Street Journal, Rep. Ed Markey lists some more. In case you haven’t seen the MOU, here’s a copy, complete with a statement about addressing “the growing energy needs” in both countries, and the intention of America “to ensure reliable fuel supply for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia” — nuclear fuel that is (assuming there’s room to cram it in between oil wells).

The MOU is signed by Saudi Foreign Minister Saud Al Faisal Bin Abdulaziz Al-Saud, who along with Condi assures us that this is all leading to “development of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s civilian nuclear energy use in a manner that contributes to global efforts to prevent nuclear proliferation.” He’s the same foreign minister who in this 2003 article translated by MEMRI (scroll down to June 23rd) assured us that now that Saudi Arabia has controls on its charities, “the possibility of these money (sic) reaching any illegal organization is non-existent.” (Good to know).

There are also provisions in the MOU for “exchange of scientific and technical information and documentation” and “exchange and training of personnel.” We can thank Condi, then, when Saudi nuclear experts visit our shores to share their expertise and impart the results of their skills?

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