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UN's Durban II -- Voice of Libya Shuts Up Voice from America

Following up on Monday’s post (just below) about the UN’s unseemly preparations in Geneva for next year’s Durban II conference — from the two-week planning meeting now underway in Geneva comes a video-clip that says it all. With Libya’s ambassador Najat Al-Hajjaji presiding, the planners are in theory hearing from NGOs. But at the UN, some NGO voices are more equal than others, and when Anne Bayefsky of the U.S.-based watchdog NGO tries to use her time to talk about genuine issues of anti-Semitism, Libya’s Al-Hajjaji — who has listened patiently to the likes of delegates from the regimes of Iran, China and Sudan — repeatedly interrupts, trying to shut her down.

It’s a four-minute video clip, in which the basic picture comes across pretty fast. To watch, scroll down to the section on “The Institue (sic) of Human Rights and the Holocaust” after clicking on this link.

At the same link, you can also scroll down to the video clips of statements — to which the Libyan Chair has no objections — from a delegate of Sudan (world genocide central) or China (where the government in the latest chapter of its long murderous rule has been killing protesters in Tibet). And if you scroll down in this link of Monday’s Durban II preparation session video clips, you will find the ambassador of Iran — who sits on the 20-member executive board now planning Durban II — bloviating on under the approving gaze of Libya, Pakistan (which has been speaking on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference), and the rest of this gang now planning Durban II, which the UN has decided to fund in substantial part on the U.S. taxpayer dime (or more like a stack of almost 15 million dimes, since to bankroll Durban II, Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon appears ready to hand over without protest at least $6.8 million from the UN core budget, which he is responsible for administering; and 22% of that budget is funded by the U.S.).