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Globocrat Paradise on Bali

On Bali, the UN climatocrats are off and running with their Dec. 3-14 climate conference, under hardship conditions including the requirement that all catering for side events must be ordered at least 48 hours in advance. Further rigors, according to a report from China’s Xinhua News Agency, include the demand that all motor vehicles entering the beach area surrounding Bali’s Nusa Dua conference complex run on biofuels. That sounds problematic, if the Xinhua report is accurate that only a few gas stations in Indonesia routinely sell biofuels, and they not on Bali, but are clustered around the Indonesian capital of Jakarta, on the island of Java, more than 500 miles from the UN conference.

From New York, where it snowed today, it is hard to get instant information on just how the thousands of now-assembling UN conferees on Bali are coping with the local biofuels shortage — whether they are walking to the beach complex, or trucking in biofuels for their motorcades. But one thing you can spot even from the other side of the world is that all this climate conferencing is job-creation paradise for global bureaucrats. Never mind what the oceans might do; if this Bali meeting gets any more traction, we can confidently predict that within the next decade we will see a 4.6 foot rise in the global level of red tape.

How do we know this? It’s not just that at the opening sessions (webcast by the UN) the folks eager to be heard included delegates from Belarus, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Equatorial Guinea — all apparently prepared to help highly productive democracies such as America lead a more virtuous life. No… the real giveaway is a handy guide put out on the UNFCC conference web site, listing and linking to all the official documentation deemed relevant to this conference. It is organized alphabetically, linked here, and as you scroll.. and scroll… and scroll… down the list, you can pick almost any topic and dive into yet more of this ever-expanding universe of UN climate paperwork, privileges, demands, plans, and money money money. Much of this is already the result of previous conferences, reports, air travel, per diems, secretariats, staff jobs, consulting contracts and proliferating agendas for much more of the same — now homing in on ways to plan your life and bill you for the service.

Life’s much too short to read all the documents assembled already (especially when you could be making much better use of your time watching a superb film that did NOT get a Nobel Prize: “The Great Global Warming Swindle“). But just to provide a sample, here’s one of my favorites, found while browsing through so far. It’s an agenda item discussing the ways to ensure UN-style “Privileges and Immunities for individuals serving on constituted bodies under the Kyoto Protocol… .” Translation: They’re looking for a way to ensure that no matter what they do to the rest of us, we can’t do anything about it.