The Rosett Report

And in exchange, Pyongyang will give us....

If true, this is beyond outrageous. Having lied, cheated, obfuscated, levered, finagled and extorted billions in aid over the years from the Free World, having repeated this act in particular at the Six-Party talks with America’s amazing chump envoy Chris Hill in Beijing this year — and obtained access to that $25 million frozen in Macau’s Banco Delta Asia without rendering up a thing, North Korea is now demanding that the money be transferred to Kim Jong Il’s hands via a U.S. bank. Demanding, in other words, that the U.S. as a further concession violate its own sanctions on North Korea to convey to Kim the loot.

And in return, America gets…. the collected works of Kim Jong Il, volume XXIII, in hardcover, and a free plutonium-filled jelly jar?