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There's More! UN Invective: The Prequel

Thanks to UN Watch, a Geneva-based NGO, we now have it on the record, and on video, that it is “inadmissible” at the UN Human Rights Council to speak up in defense of genuine human rights, or to point out that the Council does almost nothing but demonize Israel (see previous post). Following up on that video clip, which became a Youtube chart-topper, Geneva-based UN Watch has now posted “The Daily Invective” — a compilation of video clips showing what kind of testimony IS admissible at the UN Human Rights Council. Another must-see, it takes only a few minutes to watch, and includes outrageous insults and lies by the representatives of Cuba, Sudan, Nigeria, Syria, Iran, a Libya-sponsored NGO and the Permanent Observer of Palestine.

For all these, Council President Luis Alfonso de Alba gravely gives thanks (he thanks Cuba twice). Then we get to Hillel Neuer of UN Watch, who dared to utter before this assembly the blunt, un-thankable and “inadmissible” truth.