UN in North Korea Quiz

OK. Hypothetically: You are running a UN office in Pyongyang, pumping millions of dollars every year into North Korea to help “develop” the economy of Kim Jong Il’s bomb-building totalitarian state. Someone who has been working for you in Pyongyang tells you he just got passed a stack of counterfeit $100 bills not by some shyster in a back alley, but when he cashed his paycheck at the North Korean totally-government-controlled state bank where your UN office keeps its accounts.



a) Write an urgent report back to NY headquarters, warning that there are serious signs here that the North Korean government, already believed to be a state sponsor of counterfeit U.S. banknotes — something last believed done by the war-time Nazi government of Adolf Hitler — may be deliberately passing counterfeit U.S. currency to employees of a UN agency.

b) Write the report above, and copy the message to U.S. authorities, whose currency is at risk.

c) Do all of the above, plus immediately alert the press, so the UN in fulfilling its public duties can be sure people are on guard against this problem.

d) Maybe write a memo-to-self on a post-it, and throw the bills in the office safe, leaving the rest to one of the North Korean government-selected minders you have hired to handle the office accounts.

Here’s the story.


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