Jimmy Carter, Please Tell Us About the Cash

Former President Carter took his anti-Israel roadshow to Brandeis University today, refusing to debate Alan Dershowitz and agreeing to respond to students only via a “discussion” responding to 15 pre-selected questions.


We have already heard far too much from Carter about his notions regarding the Middle East. What we have not heard from him is an explanation of why, exactly, he is so comfortable with the Carter Center — his main base of operations — taking millions from places such as Saudi Arabia. Or just how many millions that sort of donor base really accounts for.

Earlier this month, I wrote an article for National Review, exploring some of the questions raised in a number of articles by other analysts and reporter querying the Carter Center’s Middle Eastern funding. My piece, “The Question of Carter’s Cash,” is now linked online on NRO. Back on Jan. 10, I sent a list of follow-up questions to the Carter Center, asking, again, for details on some of the money; a reasonable request, one might think, especially in view of the Carter Center’s praise of its own operations to promote transparency for others. They got the questions. But no answer yet.


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