The Rosett Report

The UN: Saddam's Friend to the End

Just what part of mass-murdering war-mongering terrorist-backing tyrant do the United Nations top brass not understand? Not only did the UN collaborate with Saddam, enrich itself off Saddam, and object to the overthrow of Saddam, but during Saddam’s final hours, up piped one of Kofi Annan’s appointees, the UN’s so-called High Commissioner for Human Rights (yes, that really is her title), Louise Arbour, doing her bit to the bitter end to raise doubts about Saddam’s trial and postpone his execution. Shortly before Saddam’s hanging, Arbour was hustling out a statement demanding that Saddam be kept around until, by Arbour’s standards, he had exhausted every possible avenue for leniency or amnesty.

The way the UN Human Rights gang has been going, maybe they hoped to sign on an amnestied Saddam as a special rapporteur on internally displaced ex-tyrants. Arbour’s protest comes from the same UN culture that had Libya in 2003 chairing the Human Rights Commission, and then “reformed” the commission into the current Israel-fixated Human Rights Council, with seats for the likes of Algeria, China, Cuba, Russia, Saudi Arabia and Tunisia. This is the same UN system whence Kofi Annan felt free to call the U.S.-led overthrow of Saddam “illegal,” but never applied that word to the activities of Saddam himself — or to his own secretariat’s strange and troubling (but lucrative) Oil-for-Food business partnership with this monster.

Saddam’s hanging was not only justice done; it was long overdue.