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Kofi Annan's Mystery Apartment

Kofi Annan has spent his long career in a series of increasingly well-paid UN posts, and his wife, Nane, is famously related to one of the wealthier families of Sweden. So perhaps they already owe New Yorkers an explanation of why, for years before Kofi became Secretary-General, they felt justified in hanging on to a New York low-rent apartment subsidized by New York taxpayers as part of a program meant to give low- to middle-income New York families a boost in life.

The bigger mystery, however, is that after Kofi and his wife moved into the rent-free official UN residence at the beginning of 1997, their old low-rent taxpayer-subsidized apartment appears to have been passed to the family of his brother, Kobina Annan — who for some years has been serving as Ghana’s ambassador to Morocco, complete with an official residency in Rabat. There may be a perfectly reasonable explanation for all this, but, as I note in an article in Tuesday’s New York Sun, it sure does raise a lot of questions. Why won’t Kofi answer them?