The Rosett Report

The Stability of the Grave

More “stability,” Syrian-Iranian style. While heads of state ritually deplore the assassination of a Lebanese cabinet member, Pierre Gemayel, there is nothing to stop the next murder — as the people who have spoken out for a free and independent Lebanon are picked off. It’s a sinister twist, that while so much of the global debate consists of battering America for acting as the world’s top cop, America on many vital fronts is right now doing no such thing. Following last year’s Cedar Revolution, Lebanon has once again been left, for all practical purposes, in the hands of Syria, Iran and the United Nations — a mix that spells more murders of Lebanese democrats, no chance for Lebanese democracy, and the triumphant consolidation of a fascist-terrorist front bordering on Israel, with tentacles reaching into Europe and the Americas. What we need right now in Washington is a Winston Churchill, not the report of a study group co-chaired by James Baker III.