The Rosett Report

"I am asking for everyone here to help bring him home"

Those are the words of Karnit Goldwasser, who also spoke at yesterday’s Hudson conference on the UN (see post below). She is the wife of Ehud Goldwasser — one of the two Israeli soldiers kidnapped July 12 into Lebanon by Hezbollah. She has already been to see the UN’s Kofi Annan (who has appointed a secret “facilitator” for what is supposed to be Hezbollah’s “unconditional” return of the Israeli hostages, but so far it seems all the UN facilitating has gone into glad-handing and appeasing Hezbollah, Syria and Iran).

On behalf of Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev, there have been no signs of urgency from Annan; no howls of righteous outrage from the otherwise verbose UN humanitarian emergency coordinater, Jan Egeland; and of course no visits by the International Committee of the Red Cross. Karnit Goldwasser has yet to receive any sign that her husband, or Regev, are even still alive.

So, agonizing though it must be, she continues to seek in other quarters the help that the UN promised but has not delivered. Speaking softly, briefly, she told us that back in Israel she and Ehud have “one dog and two cats,” that they had “big plans” for a life together, and that since he was kidnapped, “I don’t count the days, because for me, time stops.”