100 Yards Long and Eats Cabbage

Thats part of the set-up line from an old Soviet joke:

What’s 100 yards long and eats cabbage?

Answer: A Soviet meat line.

Today, the answer to that same question could be: A British national healthcare queue.


It seems that along with the horrendous waiting times endured by patients under Britain’s publicly funded National Healthcare Service, British health officials are now asking hospitals to drop meat from their menus. Their declared aim is to cater to the pronouncements of UN climate guru Rajendra Pachauri, who opined last year that people everywhere should eat less meat in order to cut “global warming” emissions — thus, by some theories, helping to preserve the world’s coastlines exactly where they were on Al Gore’s 58th birthday.

One might wonder if the further aim of these public officials is to skimp on all that loving healthcare rationed out by the British state. The “low-carbon” proposals also include reusing more equipment, and asking patients to consult doctors more often by phone, and less in person.

Out of all this, I observe one constant: The bigger the government, the less meat people get to eat. Is this America’s future?



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