Is This the Stupidest Lie Ever Told by an Adult?

The report that triggered this characterization by bgates is this one  in something called  Shine:


Every night before he goes to sleep, the president of the United States reads 10 letters from the pile of 20,000 sent to him by Americans every day. Sometimes, he writes back. He’s even, on occasion, included a check.

“It’s not something I should advertise, but it has happened,” President Barack Obama told reporter Eli Saslow,

bgates, that cynic isn’t buying it:


A check. Not cash. Something with a signature. And then the people who were so desperate for help that they wrote the White House to beg for money, whose financial problems were solved through the personal intervention of the President of the United States – they quietly cashed the checks and went on with their business. Or, maybe they tried to get the story on the local news but the hard-hearted reporter types didn’t see an angle. “What, President saves family farm from bankruptcy? There’s no story there!” Until finally, after years and who knows how many instances of this selflessness, we finally hear about it from none other than Captain Reticent himself.

This is quite possibly the stupidest lie I have ever heard from an adult person.

Should we offer to feature an interview by the  the first  Obama pen pal recipient to  come  forward with one of those checks?




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