Do Not Underestimate the Ferocity and Tactics of Our Opponents

My friend Jane Woodworth started a small tea party in Sturbridge Massachusetts and  has been documenting the multiple attacks and efforts to shut down her group at her website.


Here is the start  (an excerpt) of another well-documented report which I urge you to read so you can be prepared to deal with the same underhanded tactics and efforts to undercut free assembly and fair balloting where you are:

All of the recent assaults on the Sturbridge Tea Party see herehere, here and here can be linked to the May 10th election for state rep in the 6th Worcester District.

The election, originally held in November was won by Peter Durant by one vote over Geraldo Alicea. Alicea contested the outcome in court and the judge ordered a new election.

Alicea’s star witness at the hearing was Angel Miranda, who claimed he was not allowed to vote in either Precinct 1, where his name appeared on the voting list, or Precinct 5, where he currently resides.

Judge Tucker ruled that Miranda should have been allowed to vote. His vote would have rendered the election a tie, and thus a new election was scheduled at great cost to the town in a time when it has little money to spare.

The Soutbridge Town Clerk, Madaline I. Daoust, who oversaw the election testified that she did not know Angel Miranda. Daoust is the cousin of the candidate Geraldo Alicea.

Daoust was asked under oath if she knew Angel Miranda and testified that she did not. Three days after her testimony Daoust and her ex-husband, Ronald A. Daoust Jr., sold their four-bedroom Colonial at 5 Poplar St., Southbridge, on Dec. 31, 2010, for $175,000 to Angel L. Miranda of Southbridge.

Daoust claims that she never met Miranda during the course of the sale. That is certainly believable. I’ve sold two houses and met one buyer and not the other. But in both cases I was well aware of who they were, and certainly would have revealed that if asked about it under oath. Daoust thinks otherwise:



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