Singer Pink Proudly Doubles Down on Covington Kid Lies

Pink performs "Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken" at the 60th annual Grammy Awards at Madison Square Garden on Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018, in New York. (Photo by Matt Sayles/Invision/AP)

Jamie Lee Curtis did something shocking this week.

No, the “Halloween” star didn’t don a red MAGA hat and defy her Trump Derangement Syndrome peers. She simply reassessed a Tweet she sent blasting a 16-year-old boy from Covington High School without knowing the full story.


And, gasp, she apologized.

“I made a snap judgment based on a photograph & I know better than to judge a book by its cover,” Curtis wrote. “I wasn’t there. I shouldn’t have commented. I’m glad there wasn’t violence. I hope theses [sic] two men can meet and find common ground as can WE ALL.”

Simple, right? It’s what grown-ups are supposed to do.

Yet Curtis’ Tweet turned out to be the exception. Numerous stars savaged the lad who stood and did nothing while a lying war veteran, Nathan Phillips, assailed his good name. Think Alyssa Milano, Michael Rapaport, and Jim Carrey.

The worst of the worst may be Pink.

The pop singer called the boys’ behavior “appalling,” “disrespectful,” and “nauseating” shortly after the fake news broke. Later, when the entire civilized world realized we had been duped by the duplicitious media, Pink decided to double down.

“I am the same girl I’ve always been. I have always admitted when I am wrong. I have apologized many times. I’m a big believer in apologies, when you’re wrong,” she wrote on Thursday, alongside a throwback image of herself standing strong.

“I was raised by a Vietnam Veteran who taught me to stand up for what I believe to be right. Even if that means standing alone,” she added. “I do not now, nor have I ever apologized for some of my very polarizing opinions. If you are surprised by this, or offended, you have every right to unfollow me, as you really don’t know who I am. I am mostly peace and love, with a little bit of go f*** yourself.”


And, to be fair, a whole lot of misinformation.

Did she miss the memo that Phillips repeatedly lied about his military background? He didn’t serve during the Vietnam War.

Need more?

The Washington Examiner reported on Wednesday that Phillips had a criminal history during his time in the military and was charged with escaping from prison, assault, and several alcohol-related crimes. You’d think Papa Pink might have told his talented daughter about “Stolen Valor.”

And that’s beyond the fact that the whole narrative she initially responded to, and is now confirming anew, is a lie targeting a teen.

Fake News on steroids.

Pink isn’t some fresh-faced singer without enough real-world experience to shape her actions. She’s 39 and a mother of two. Still, she puffed out her chest on social media as if she were speaking truth to power.

All she did was remind us it’s not always wise to follow a celebrity’s wisdom.


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