Kimmel Scolds Celebs for Nonstop Trump Bashing

File this one in the hypocrisy department with an asterisk.

Late-night propagandist Jimmy Kimmel taunted today’s stars for spending too much time attacking President Donald Trump.


Yes, the same far-left comic who ran a bit this week with children called “The First Trumpsgiving.” That’s the fellow.

Kimmel invited U2’s Bono to his show this week. The arrival found Kimmel honoring the singer’s work on behalf of AIDS prevention in Africa, a noble effort on all fronts. Except Bono wasn’t alone. The erstwhile Paul Hewson brought some famous friends with him, too.

The force of nature known as Bono is here. And, with him, he brought a merry band of celebrity do-gooders. Including Kristen Bell, Will Ferrell, Channing Tatum, Mila Kunis, Zoe Saldana, Brad Paisley, Pharrell, and Chris Rock. They are all here tonight. The reason they are here tonight is because they are committed to fighting AIDS. And Snoop Dogg is also here, but he doesn’t know why. It will be a big night. And I think you’ll agree. It’s refreshing to see so many stars joining forces to try to put a stop to something other than our president. Right? As of this week, RED has raised more than $550 million to end AIDS. And that is the mission. To end AIDS. To get rid of it.

Let’s get the obvious out of the way. Kimmel is a religious Trump basher, so his critique of Hollywood’s Trump obsessions falls on mostly deaf ears. There’s something else in play, though.

We’re used to dismissing celebrities for their political rhetoric. It’s not simply a matter of disagreeing with their points of view. It’s the lack of cohesive thought behind it, not to mention its occasional unhinged nature.


At some point, Sarah Silverman will realize the Trump administration bears no relation to Nazi Germany and go on to other wisecracks.

There’s another side to modern celebrities. Some, given their financial fortunes, cut massive checks to worthy causes. In recent days Kanye West and Kim Kardashian sent $500,000 to help those suffering from the California wildfires. Celebrities also led the way following Hurricane Harvey, channeling their checkbooks to the tune of millions.

These aren’t isolated incidents.

Motion pictures also can affect real change. The new dramedy “Instant Family” offers a credible, sympathetic look at the foster care system. It isn’t cruel or finger-wagging. The story is straight from the proverbial heart, another example of Hollywood using its resources for good.

It’s understandable why some, especially conservatives, dismiss today’s celebrities when they stop reading their lines and start lecturing. But celebrity cache still matters, particularly when it’s harnessed in positive ways.


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