4 '80s Film Classics Begging for Sequels

Tom Cruise still feels the need … for speed.

The 53-year-old is prepping a sequel to his 1986 blockbuster “Top Gun.” Title? “Top Gun: Maverick.”


It was inevitable, and it will probably crush the competition at the box office. We’re still stuck in the ’80s, so revisiting Cruise’s character and his colorful cohorts (not Goose, sadly) crashes our nostalgia circuits.

Why stop there?

Let’s deep dive into the Reagan Era archives and bring back some other beloved films. Not every movie deserves a sequel, mind you. The less said about “Zoolander 2,” the better.

These four ’80s classics have more stories to tell.

“Ferris Bueller’s Day Off”

It’s the ultimate teen-wish fulfillment. Wry high schooler (Matthew Broderick) plays hooky and lives it up like no other teen before. Or after. End of story, right?

Why not revisit Ferris in 2017? He’s middle-aged. He’s got three precocious kids and a wife who doesn’t understand him. And he needs a day off now more than ever.

That’s a story Ferris fans would line up to see if handled properly.


Are they still “good enough” for movie goers? This 1985 action comedy doesn’t hold up well, but for hardcore fans, the memories are still warm and fuzzy. So where does the story go from here?

You know the Goonies are all grown up with little goonies of their own. That next generation gets an adventure twice as crazy as the one their parents experienced. Only the parents and kiddies must team up, begrudgingly, to save the day in the third act. And, of course, Cyndi Lauper will sing the new movie’s signature song.

“Fast Times at Ridgemont High”


Sean Penn’s modern persona is so far removed from his stoner soul from this 1982 hit it’s hard to imagine him playing him again. The 55-year-old is often seen as angry, aggressively political and (still) reticent about the press.

He’s still a great actor and could rise to the challenge.

The focus here would be on the cultural chasm between the early ’80s and today. What’s hip and cool now is often very different than 30-plus years ago. And whatever happened to Spicoli? Maybe he’s still a beach bum, hitting on much younger women and chasing cities where pot is suddenly legal. Or he’s mended his ways (mostly) and can’t believe what kids are doing these days.

“The ‘Burbs”

Tom Hanks starred in this underrated 1989 comedy that poked fun at suburban life as the ’80s drew to a close. A direct sequel wouldn’t make much sense. A reboot with a character or two making small but important cameos? Why not?

Suburban America is very different than it was 28 years ago. Think “play dates,” helicopter parenting and organic food Nazis. It’s all fodder for a remake where Hanks’ Ray Peterson still has small but critical ties.

Heck, why not make it a “shared universe” with the Goonies and have fans’ heads explode.


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