4 Times Liberals Called Fellow Liberals Racist (Or Worse)

Amy Schumer is under attack. And it’s not from any conservative critic.

The aggressively liberal comic is out promoting her new film, “Snatched.” The R-rated comedy finds Schumer paired with screen legend Goldie Hawn. Together, they’re on the run from kidnappers who abducted them from their Ecuadorian vacation.


It’s standard Schumer schtick. Vulgar gags and empowerment aplenty. Heck, Schumer even nixed a weapon-laden sequence from the film because she believes so strongly in new gun control efforts.

Yet the wokest of today’s celebrity class got crushed by critics all the same. Why? The film is racist for portraying white women on the run from dark-skinned locals.

Once upon a time, liberal stars got a pass from their progressive chums in cases like this. Not anymore. Here are three other times stars got collared by the PC Police for daring to step on their Social Justice Warrior toes.

1. Will Ferrell

The “Saturday Night Live” alum does more than most stars for progressive causes. His FunnyOrDie.com is a fountain of progressive comedy videos. Ferrell’s impersonation of President George W. Bush helped cement the former leader’s image as a clueless politician.

Yet liberals pounced on Ferrell for making “Get Hard.” The 2014 comedy features Ferrell seeking out a nebbishy black gentleman (Kevin Hart) to prepare him for a stint in jail.


The joke was on Ferrell’s clueless jail bird in waiting, not black Americans. That didn’t protect the actor from the slings and arrows of Social Justice Warriors who judged the film deeply racist.

2. Tina Fey

Fey single-handedly transformed Sarah Palin into a laughing stock with her slick “SNL” impersonation. She’s also a reliably left-of-center voice in Hollywood.

That didn’t matter when some accused Fey of creating a problematic (i.e. racist) storyline on her Netflix comedy, “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.”

How? She made one of the show’s cast members, Caucasian actress Jane Krakowski, play a blond woman with some Native American blood. It didn’t matter that a Native American cast member, Gil Birmingham, discounted the controversy as nonsense.

3. Bill Maher

Few late-night hosts are as rigorously left-of-center as the “Real Time with Bill Maher” host. But when Maher fought with Ben Affleck about Islam, repeating the comic’s withering criticism of the religion, the Left revolted.


The attacks led some UC Berkeley students to protest Maher’s planned commencement address at their university. More than 6,000 signees demanded Maher’s speaking gig get rescinded.

Maher stood his ground, and the speech went on as planned. He offered up this pointed comment during his address: “Liberals should own the First Amendment the way conservatives own the Second Amendment.” It’s a nice sentiment, but one wholly out of touch with the modern Left.


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