Reg'lar Folks Demolish Hollywood's Anti-Trump PSA

Why didn’t Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert, Seth Meyers or Samantha Bee think of this?

A GOP operative just released an unofficial response to the celebrity-packed “Save the Day” PSA. You remember that one? It featured several stars from “The Avengers” telling us not to vote for Donald Trump.


And, of course, it imitated virtually every other tic we’ve seen from every other Hollywood PSA.

The pregnant pauses.

The oh, so serious expressions.

The repetition of key phrases.

The cutesy humor.

The embittered partisan talking points betwixt the “aw, shucks” tone

And the condescension on full, unfettered display.

The new clip, featuring unknown actors, mocks that video to the core. Once again we’re being lectured in the very same style. Only there’s a tongue so firmly planted in cheek it may never be retrieved.

And it’s all very, very funny.

The new clip doesn’t just draw ideological blood. It shames professional comedians who somehow missed an unbelievably juicy subject.

Wonder why someone from Team Late Night didn’t do precisely this already? It’s not a pop quiz. Mocking these celebrities would diminish their impact and cause. And Colbert and co. simply won’t do that.

Comedy is serious business today. They understand that. They’d rather use their jokes in an ideological manner than merely entertain. It’s crystal clear they see their late-night couches as partisan weapons. They won’t use them to hit all sides, just the sides with which they disagree.

In fact, it’s surprising Jimmy Fallon didn’t dial up a similar sketch. The “Tonight Show” host is the one late-night comic who understands it’s good business to mock both sides. And he’s the undisputed ratings champ, in part, because of that.


Somewhere, former “Tonight Show” host Johnny Carson is smiling.

Instead, Republican political consultant John Brabender started the ball rolling. He isn’t nearly as famous as Joss Whedon, the A-list auteur who crafted the original “Save the Day” clip. Nor does Brabender have the kind of celebrities on speed dial that Whedon has.

He didn’t need them.

Only Brabender isn’t the only funny one firing back. Consider this crude but funny retort to the “Save the Day” crew.

Funnier than most “Saturday Night Live” sketches, right?

In comedy circles it’s considered the ultimate compliment to be called “edgy” or “subversive.” The “Save the Day” response above is subversive to the core. The press won’t label it as such, assuming reporters cover it at all.

Everyone else knows the truth.


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