4 Truly Bizarre Pop Culture Couples

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It’s hard to imagine a scenario in which Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart would be in the same room.

Or in the same zip code, for that matter.

Yet here they are, promoting their new VH1 reality show, “Martha & Snoop’s Dinner Party.” The just-announced project finds the rapper and craft guru inviting their famous friends over for a snack.


They’ll cook … and kibitz … and likely stumble into more than a few confusing exchanges.

“Snoop… are you sure you want to serve brownies again? That’ll make it the fifth episode straight!”

They are Hollywood’s newest Odd Couple. But they’re hardly the first.

Consider the following four previous pairings. No one could have imagined them, and yet they happened all the same.

1. Lady Gaga and Tony Bennett

She’s the envelope-pushing chanteuse who once wore a meat dress. He’s the last of the old-school crooners, a superstar famous for his golden pipes. Together, they recorded “Cheek to Cheek,” a smash collection of jazz standards. The pair even hit the road together, and they’re making noise now about a second collaboration. Think that’s just a rumor? She did just fete Bennett earlier this month during his gala 90th birthday party.

2. William Shatner and Ben Folds

The man who gave us Captain James T. Kirk occasionally sings for his supper, but he usually makes us cringe, laugh or both. Musician Ben Folds took Shatner seriously all the same. Together, they earned respectable reviews for Shatner’s 2004 album “Has Been.” Their collaboration took everyone by surprise. The most shocking part? Shatner lowering his guard to open up in ways we rarely see from the affable personality.

3. Lyle Lovett and Julia Roberts


This one caught the culture off guard. Film’s “Pretty Woman” with the “Long, Tall Texan?” The movie star falling for the crooner with that crooked smile and rooster ‘do? It was love, and then marriage …and later the inevitable split. Their romantic collaboration may have inspired Lovett’s wonderful “One Eyed Fiona” (Roberts’ middle name). Or maybe it was just a coincidence.

4. Aerosmith and Run DMC

Rock. Rap. The two weren’t even third cousins back in the 1980s when they combined forces. Each faced extreme ridicule from their respective fan bases. Yet their “Walk This Way” collaboration — along with that memorable music video — united the music forms in the best way possible. At the time, Aerosmith needed a hit. Run DMC represented a fresh musical approach, but the group lacked a mainstream smash to fully cross over. One clever cover later, and both benefited from their most unusual partnership.



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