Post Office Adopts Enviro Messages on Stamps

Give the United States Postal Service some credit, they remained largely free of political messaging on stamp designs – up until now.  Imagine my surprise when I bought stamps today and was handed this:


Let’s get something straight, I’m not in favor of dirty air and poisoned water.  I even compost (do you?).  But when a certain politician has been waging a war on fossil fuel or wasting billions of dollars on failed “green” energy programs, and you see the Post Office reinforcing these political policies, you realize that the politicization of the government knows no limits.

Still not convinced? Ask yourself, what if in the next GOP administration, the Post Office issued stamps with a baby’s picture that said “Life is Precious.”  Or, suppose a sea of skyscrapers was next to “Free Enterprise.”  Better yet, how about a minuteman rushing to the bridge at Concord with the phrase “Guns Birthed Liberty?”

In case you still don’t see the political character of the stamps, ask yourself what political campaign  the USPS description sounds the most like.

These Go Green (Forever®) stamps illustrate simple things we each can do every day to save the environment. With only a few small changes to the way we live. [SIC]

Big environment. Big issues. Little you. If you feel as if there’s not much one person can do to make a positive impact on the environment—just take a look at the Go Green (Forever) stamps. They illustrate simple things we each can do every day. With only a few small changes to the way we live.

Out of milk? Walk or bike to the store. Repair that drippy faucet—the noise was driving you crazy, anyway. Switch to energy-efficient light bulbs. Put on a sweater instead of turning up the thermostat. Sun dry your sheets—they’ll smell wonderful!

Is it enough to make a difference? Absolutely. Recycling just one aluminum can reduces waste—and saves enough energy to run a computer for three hours. Multiply that by 10—or 200—cans. Simple insulation like caulking or weatherstripping pays for itself with reduced utility bills within one year. Properly inflating your car tires improves gas mileage by as much as three percent. You’re not just saving  the environment, you’re saving—period. Suddenly small steps seem pretty
big.  Best of all, once you’ve started thinking—and acting—green, you’ll feel proud that you’ve been part of a big change. “Home” just got greener. Thanks to you.


Sun dry your sheets.  Put in an expensive compact fluorescent light bulb that lasts as long as an old-style bulb. Dispense with the automobile.  The worship of scarcity and the primitive has now reached the United States Post Office.



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