Biden Campaign Scrambles to Avoid Major Embarrassment in New Hampshire

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

One of the refrains after Joe Biden inexplicably ascended to the presidency was that “the adults are in charge again.” The Biden campaign promised us reasonability and normalcy after what it considered a chaotic four years with Trump at the helm.


Instead, we’ve witnessed an administration that governs not just with bad policy but also with bad instincts. Nearly everything the Biden administration has touched has turned into a disaster. And now the Biden reelection campaign may have made an embarrassing misstep right out of the gate.

It turns out that the Biden 2024 movement is in a bind that it created. Thanks to the Biden administration’s collusion with the Democrat National Committee (DNC) to change the 2024 Democrat primary calendar, the president may not appear on the ballot in New Hampshire.

“The bizarre predicament is one of the president’s own making after he pushed for changes to the party’s presidential nominating calendar that stripped the Granite State of its first-in-the-nation primary,” reports Politico. “The move was designed to reward South Carolina, which catapulted Biden to the nomination in 2020.”

Cronyism involving Biden? Say it ain’t so, Joe!

But there’s a state law on the books in New Hampshire that requires the state’s primary to be a week before any other state’s contest. In a schadenfreudelicious turn of events, it just so happens that Republicans control the legislature and the governor’s mansion in the Granite State, and they’re not willing to budge on changing the law.

According to NBC News, the DNC primary calendar that the Biden campaign forced through “seeks to demote Iowa and New Hampshire and prohibits candidates from campaigning — or even putting their name on the ballot — in a state that jumps the line.”


In other words, if New Hampshire doesn’t change its law and goes first, Joe Biden’s name won’t be on the ballot. You may be wondering what Biden’s Democrat rivals Marianne Williamson and Robert Kennedy, Jr. will do since they’re under the same rules. Guess what? They don’t care; Politico says that “Williamson and Kennedy have signaled they will compete regardless of potential party sanctions.”

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“The rules apply to Williamson and Kennedy as well, but they’ve indicated they’re willing to accept the DNC’s unspecified penalties for rule violations since they’re running anti-establishment campaigns anyway,” reports NBC News.

For their part, New Hampshire’s Republicans aren’t budging. They plan to go on with their first-in-the-nation primary no matter what the president and the DNC have to say.

“We still intend to have a presidential primary that will be first in the nation,” New Hampshire Secretary of State David Scanlan told NBC. “Whether the president campaigns here or not is up to him. It’s up to him whether he’s going to place his name on the ballot or not. If he chooses not to place his name on the ballot, I’m sure there will be some New Hampshire Democratic voters who will write his name in.”

The DNC is floating the idea of holding its own party primary whenever it wants as a way of bypassing state law, but New Hampshire’s Democrats aren’t keen on that idea. Instead, they want to hold to the state’s tradition of going first.


“We can’t change our laws and that’s that. We’re hosting the first primary,” said Ray Buckley, chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party, to Politico. “The president can decide if he wants to put his name on the ballot.”

I’m sure New Hampshire and the DNC will work things out, but it’s still funny to watch the scrambling while everything is still up in the air. When you think about it, it’s par for the course for this hapless administration that wants to stay in power.

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