Woke Job Sites Are Hiding Openings in Conservative Companies From You

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These days, when job seekers are looking for their next employment opportunity, many of them turn to websites and apps. One of those sites, Indeed, claims to be the top job-search engine in the world, claiming over 300 million monthly visitors according to its own count.


Indeed claims to help job seekers find the right job for their needs. Its website claims that “Indeed strives to put job seekers first, giving them free access to search for jobs, post resumes, and research companies. Every day, we connect millions of people to new opportunities.”

If you’re a conservative looking for a new job or career, how can you be sure that you’re finding opportunities that fit your values? You can’t necessarily count on Indeed to match you up with jobs that suit your love of freedom and conservative values — after all, just look at Indeed’s About page, and there’s a drawing of a woman in a hijab presumably looking for a job.

RedBalloon, a site that helps freedom-loving people find jobs and job candidates that align with their values, tells the story on its blog about companies that tried to post jobs on Indeed only to find that Indeed had shut them down for “violation of Indeed’s job posting standards.”

Indeed suppressed one entry that included the offer to “Come work for a God-fearing, freedom-loving company” and canned a job opening from a Texas-based construction company “stating that they valued employees who worked cheerfully and diligently and that the company also ‘valued their faith.’”

Those are just a few examples of what’s happening with Indeed. It’s not hard to imagine that instances like that happen multiple times a day, even though we don’t have exact data on how often it takes place. Contrast this with a job opening for a teacher stating, “We believe that equity, inclusion, and empowerment must always be the center of our work and our culture, specifically around… gender identity/sexual orientation…”


Andrew Crapuchettes, RedBalloon’s CEO, said that the censorship going on at Indeed flies in the face of what this country is all about, as his conversation with the owner of the construction company demonstrates.

“He’s like, ‘In what world am I not allowed to describe myself in the same way as the Declaration of Independence?'” Crapuchettes told PJ Media. “What we’re finding out is that the Declaration of Independence would have been censored on Indeed.”

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The censorship of certain values that’s going on at Indeed and other sites like Zip Recruiter is causing conservative business owners to back off from their deeply held beliefs.

“And so what happens is that I’ve talked to a number of conservatives who are like, ‘It’s just the world we live in. So I’m gonna self-censor, I’m gonna dial myself down,’…man, I just don’t think that’s good for your soul,” Crapuchettes said.

There are ways to fight back. Crapuchettes suggests that businesses with listings on Indeed “man up and push back” by refusing to shy away from reflecting their companies’ values. If Indeed censors, speak up, and if appeals don’t work, business owners can take their money elsewhere.

“That is going to have an impact because if all of a sudden they’re starting to lose customers at that scale, they’re going to change, and this is my argument is that there are still a lot of capitalists even in woke businesses,” he said to PJ Media. “And the left is not as firmly entrenched in business as they are in the media or in the universities. And so I think it is a more winnable battleground.”


There are alternatives for conservatives. Crapuchettes recommends companies like Inspired Investing for lovers of freedom who want to put their investment money where their mouths are and, of course, RedBalloon for job seekers and hiring employers.

“But, you know, there’s an opportunity,” he told PJ Media. “Conservatives can sit on the couch, wringing their hands, and get worried about Tucker Carlson losing his job and all these other things. Or you can do something about it. The founding fathers did something about it. And I think we’re in a time in our history when we don’t have an option. You’ve got to pick a side, and you’ve got to do something about it.”

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