Warnock Swings and Misses With Debate Question About the Atlanta Braves

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During the Georgia senate debate on Friday night, a moderator tossed Sen. Raphael Warnock (D-Ga.) a softball question about the Atlanta Braves. Warnock took the pitch and swung and missed with a stock answer that showed just how clueless he is about the Braves.


Moderator Buck Lanford of Fox 5 Atlanta asked about the Braves, “Do you think they should rethink their name, their logo, or their signature cheer?”

“Well first of all I’m praying for the Braves right about now; they’ve got a ways to go here,” Warnock began his response. It was possibly the only true thing he said during the debate, as the Braves were busy losing to the Phillies 9-1 in the National League Division Series.

“Listen, the management of the Braves is meeting with our tribes, and they’re having a conversation about this,” he continued. “And I know the folks over at the Braves organization, and I trust that they and the tribes that they’re talking to will come to a place that makes sense for all involved.”

(By the way, for the record, Warnock’s opponent, Georgia Bulldogs and pro football great Herschel Walker, was emphatic in his assertion that the Braves don’t need to change a thing.)

The problem with Warnock’s answer to the question is that it was completely untrue and revealed his ignorance about the Braves. You see, the “conversation” took place a while ago, and the Braves aren’t changing a thing.


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As Erick Erickson put it, “Now Warnock won’t support the team publicly, even though the American Indian tribes do. The Braves even have a night dedicated to the Indian tribes, and the tribes not only signed off on the team name but also the tomahawk chop.”

The Braves have partnered with the Eastern Band of the Cherokee for the past several seasons, and I wrote about it last month (see the related link above): “The partnership is a winning prospect for all parties involved because it allows sports fans in Atlanta to learn about the fascinating Cherokee culture, it gives the Braves an opportunity to serve part of the greater community of Georgia and North Carolina, and it gets the specter of false accusations of racism off the organization’s back…”

But Warnock isn’t the only Democrat to muff a question about the Braves. After the 2021 World Series champs visited the White House in September, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre parroted a similar left-wing line about “conversations” that the Braves don’t need to have.


“We believe that it’s important to have this conversation, you know, and Native American and indigenous voices, they should be at the center of this conversation,” Jean-Pierre told a reporter.

It’s hard to fathom how Democrats can rely on the same stock answers that are completely ignorant of the reality in Atlanta. Then again, these are the same people who pressured Major League Baseball to remove the 2021 All-Star Game from Atlanta because they believed Stacey Abrams’ lies about “suppression” in Georgia’s new voter integrity law. Maybe this crop of Democrats needs to have a “conversation” about doing their homework.


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