Metro Atlanta School District Sneakily Includes Gender Propaganda on School-Issued Devices

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Even as parents have begun to make strides in exposing and reversing the trend of radical gender theory education in schools, educators are finding ways to sneak in the propaganda in ways that parents can’t easily discover.


The latest example of that is taking place just outside of Atlanta in Gwinnett County. This is the largest school district in Georgia and the same one that brought us the infamous school board president Dr. Tarece Williams, who posts bizarre TikTok videos and promotes divisive racial ideology.

Gwinnett Schools are now adding gender propaganda to the mix with what one group calls “inappropriate gender lessons” on school-issued Chromebooks that parents can’t access when logging into their children’s accounts on other devices.

Holly Terei, the Gwinnett County chapter president of No Left Turn in Education, discovered the objectionable content on the Chromebook that the school issued to her child.

“One ebook on the fourth grade page claims that gender is a social construct ‘not based on anything biological or medical,'” explains the press release from No Left Turn in Education. “It dismisses the differences between men and women as figments of societal imagination.”

Terei then discovered that she couldn’t access the content when she logged in to her child’s school account on her own laptop. Instead, the site directed her to an additional login page. She documented the difference in the login experience on different devices in a Facebook video.


Terei shot the video on school property to demonstrate that she couldn’t access the content on her own device even while using the school’s WiFi.

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An IT professional with over 20 years of experience explained to PJ Media that organizations can limit certain content to specific devices by restricting the content to certain MAC addresses (which, to oversimplify, is the unique identifier of a particular device).

Terei told PJ Media that she was eventually able to access the content on her computer in a roundabout way that wouldn’t be easy for most parents to accomplish.

“Gwinnett County Schools are pushing gender lessons on kids and hiding it from their parents,” Terei said in No Left Turn’s statement. “This is a brazen attempt to supplant the role of parents in their children’s lives. Nothing in the content is educational. It does not serve students; it serves the political goals of bureaucrats.”

PJ Media reached out to Gwinnett County Schools for comment but the district did not respond by the publication of this article. If we do hear from the school system, we’ll update this article with the district’s comment or reply.


What’s going on in Gwinnett County should sound alarm bells for parents across the nation. Schools are sneaking radical gender theory propaganda into curriculum in ways that parents may never find out. Parents, be sure to keep an eye on everything your child is learning. Ask your kids questions. Ask teachers and administrators questions. The more you know what’s going on with your kids, the more prepared you’ll be to speak out against the radical ideas the schools want to plant in the heads of your children.


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