What Have Two Years of 'Two Weeks to Slow the Spread' Taught Us?

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Two years ago this week, everything changed. We had heard the threats of COVID-19 for a couple of months by then, but by the middle of March, we were in full-blown pandemic mode.


I’ll never forget the phone call I received on March 13, 2020. At the time, I was communications director at the church where I’ve been a member since I was a teenager, and Friday was our off day. We had just heard the news that President Trump had ordered everything to shut down for two weeks to “slow the spread” of the coronavirus.

That meant we had to scramble. So my boss called me to work on a strategy to communicate the changes and what lay ahead. We had to announce that we wouldn’t be having in-person church services that Sunday — and little did we know that we would go online-only for three months. We also had to scramble to film an online service that evening.

At the same time, my dad had gone into the hospital with blood clots on his lungs. I went to see him Friday morning, but that was the last time any of the family would get to see him until he came home. His cancer had come back, and he came home with hospice care.

I know my story isn’t unique. Everyone’s lives changed when we shut down for “two weeks.” Some people’s lives haven’t changed back, and I know that some people have utterly heartbreaking stories.

When we initially banded together to defeat the pandemic, we never dreamed we would be talking about COVID two years later.

We went from wearing masks for a little while because we thought that’s what we had to do to people wearing masks by choice and judging those who don’t want to.


When the federal government first rolled out the vaccines, we went from having an option for the most vulnerable to a presidential prediction of a “winter of severe illness and death, if you’re unvaccinated.”

We went from the typical and understandable divisions between Americans — politics, sports, and even entertainment — to drawing lines between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed, the masked and the unmasked, the open schools and the closed schools — much of it at the hands of the Biden administration, which seeks to divide, not unite.

It didn’t take long for The Narrative™ to emerge: shots, masks, more shots, more masks, and don’t you dare send your kids to school. Any ideas that don’t square with The Narrative™ have been shut out from the start.

The media served as the guardians of The Narrative™, shooting down anything and anyone who dares go against what the administration wanted you to know. Opinion writers and cancel culture activists masquerading as “fact-checkers” quash alternative ideas. Social media outlets flag content. Keyboard warriors attempt to defame those who don’t buy what the administration is selling (or giving away).

Among the many things that the COVID pandemic has revealed to us is that we need fearless truth-tellers. Now, more than ever, we need people who are willing to tell the whole truth, regardless of the spin and excuses from government, media, and Big Tech.


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