Gonzales Lays the Border Crisis Blame at Democrats' Feet

Tony Gonzales for Congress

Rep. Tony Gonzales is a GOP congressman from Texas’ 23rd district. His district covers an astonishingly huge space — roughly a third of the U.S.-Mexico border. So if anybody in Congress is aware of what’s going on at our Southern border, it’s Gonzales.


Gonzales has co-sponsored bipartisan legislation to help secure the border and address the caravans of migrants who continue to press toward the border. He appeared on Fox News Live on Sunday with a blistering critique of the Biden administration’s handling of conditions at the border.

His solution to the border crisis is straightforward.

“What they need to do is they need to secure our southern border and they need to secure it from all illegal immigrants coming through,” Gonzales said.

It almost sounds elementary for him to bring it up, but the Biden administration created a situation where a border that was at least moderately secure is now porous. Illegal aliens — gasp, I actually said it — are coming into this country by the thousands, and the administration seems completely uninterested in remedies to the problem.

He mentioned the fact that illegal immigration complicates any sane or insane attempts to combat COVID-19 when he said, “You know, we’re in the middle of a global pandemic and this is putting people’s lives at risk.”

The Biden administration has allowed illegal immigrants infected with COVID to enter the country with impunity. The left-leaning media can deny it — and boy, did they — but infected illegals did cross the border even as the administration considered vaccine mandates.


And don’t forget that border patrol personnel risk losing their jobs if vaccine mandates take effect.

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Gonzales pointed out that not only is the administration failing to do anything to solve the border crisis, but Biden’s officials went after those who were trying to make a difference.

“Sadly, this administration doesn’t want to do anything because if they did, they would,” Gonzales declared. “Instead, they’re attacking our men and women in green that are trying to protect ourselves and protect our country from this, and I go back to it, where are the House Democrats?”

The administration mercilessly went after border patrol agents who allegedly “horse-whipped” illegals trying to cross the border — even though the accusation was thoroughly debunked. The administration has yet to apologize to those agents for falling for the lies, yet officials quickly apologized to the illegal aliensoops, I did it again.

Gonzales brought up the bipartisan bill he co-sponsored with Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-Texas), Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas), and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.), the Bipartisan Border Solutions Act.

“You know, I’ve got a bill that would do a couple of different things,” he offered. “One, it would label cartels as terrorist organizations. Another thing it would do is it would ensure that our Border Patrol gets the pay that they deserve.”


The bill is an admirable first step toward making our border more secure and safe.

“These are the type of things that people are looking for,” Gonzales concluded. “Leadership in Congress needs to change, and when the Republicans have the House, we’re going to make sure to secure the southern border.”

He’s right. The border crisis is one of the Biden administration’s making. Democrats in Congress have done little or nothing to relieve any of it, which adds yet another issue the GOP can use against them in 2022.

Thank you, Congressman Gonzales. Here’s hoping the Republicans can win in 2022 and make a difference at our border with Mexico.


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