CNN Has Featured the Wrong Hunter

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CNN has been obsessed with someone who goes by the name Hunter, but it’s not who you think.

Over the last month, the network has mentioned Dog the Bounty Hunter a whopping eight times, but they’ve only talked about Hunter Biden four times. And those four mentions of the president’s ne’er-do-well son have had nothing to do with the scandals surrounding him.


Of course, CNN has been high on Dog the Bounty Hunter because the reality TV star has vowed to find Brian Laundrie, the presumed killer of Gabby Petito, and we know that stories surrounding missing pretty girls get high ratings.

While CNN has been obsessed with Dog the Bounty Hunter, the cable news giant and other network media outlets have ignored these stories:

Again, you didn’t hear a peep about any of these stories at CNN, ABC, CBS, or NBC.


Let’s also not forget the fact that Twitter suspended the New York Post‘s account last year less than a month before the election after reporters published an article about the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop. The social media giant didn’t reverse its course until after lawmakers grilled CEO Jack Dorsey about it on Capitol Hill.

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The scant mention of Hunter Biden — along with absolutely no mention of Biden family scandals — is a far cry from 2019, when CNN and other media outlets were determined to find out the truth about Joe and Hunter Biden’s sketchy dealings.

Take a gander at this piece from 2019 where an ABC reporter asks the question, “Was Hunter Biden profiting off his dad’s work as vice president, and did Joe Biden allow it?”


CNN, network news outlets, and social media companies made it painfully clear on the eve of the election and during the Biden administration that the rules for covering the Biden family are different than they were before. The new rule is simple: hands off Hunter.

These stories that major media refuse to cover aren’t mere conspiracy theories, hearsay, or flights of fancy. There’s enough substance to these allegations to warrant news coverage. Besides, these outlets have covered outrageous stories about the children of other important figures without a second thought.

But with the Biden family, the narrative is different. The media must protect the precious, and that means ignoring or burying stories that make the Biden family look bad. We shouldn’t stand for it.


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