Colorado Recall Myths

The politics of the big (big, big!) losses in the recall elections here in Colorado are still sorting themselves out. The attempts to spin it are so far about as effective as a cat trying to cover up on a linoleum floor.  Here, a local political reporter explains the myths. (I can’t embed any of these videos, but it’s worth following the links.)


Here are five myths about the recall election of two Democratic state lawmakers:

Myth #1: The National Rifle Association bought these recall wins.

The NRA contributed but it’s side was vastly outspent by gun control advocates trying to keep the Senators in office. That myth is just wrong on the math.

Myth #2: No one saw this coming.

Liberal polling company Public Policy Poling did, it just chose not to release its poll showing Senator Giron losing by double digits.

Public Policy Poling got skewered Wednesday by famed polling guru Nate Silver of FiveThirtyEight who tweeted: “VERY bad and unscientific practice for PPP to suppress a polling result they didn’t believe/didn’t like.”

Myth #3: The results are all bad for Governor Hickenlooper.

With a slimmer majority in the State Senate, Democrats are less likely to send uncomfortably liberal legislation to the desk of the man trying to present a moderate image. Wednesday, the governor softened his tone on the gun control legislation he signed.

Myth #4: Recalls over politics are something new.

They’re not. Recalls have never been just about corruption. Witness Wisconsin last year and decades of recall attempts against governors of California.

Myth #5: The Colorado Republican Party won big.

The state party was along for the ride but make no mistake, the conservative grassroots drove the bus. They made these recalls happen.

And while their objectives were aligned with the party this time around, we know that’s not always so – and next time the party battles the grassroots; those roots have grown deeper.

Intensifying the impact of the recalls Tuesday night is how long it’s been since Colorado Republicans had a winning night like this. It’s been 10 years – 2002 – when Governor Bill Owens won in a landslide .


“Conan, what is best in life?”

“To crush your enemies, see them driven before you, and to hear the lamentation of their women.”


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