Obama Myth: When Did the Obama Administration Start? (A Bleg)

Before I started trying to catalog the various Romney Rumors — to which I’m now adding Obama Myths starting today — I pointed out something odd I’d noticed: that Obama’s term in office had started peculiarly late. At least, it seemed that all 2009 spending had been signed by Bush (although the budget was signed in March 2009 and the Stimulus was signed in February), and Fast and Furious, started in late October 2009 was supposed to have started under Bush.


We learned today that according to Nancy Pelosi, assignment of diplomatic security in Benghazi, which is done by the State Department, was also weak because the Republicans did it.

So I thought we should crowd-source this a little bit: in the comments, please link me examples of the Democrats saying that something actually happened during the Bush Administration or under Republican control of the Executive functions.



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