April Fools All Year: Leftist Media Is Full-On Moronic

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Leftist media has committed itself to being completely, thoroughly, and unashamedly stupid to the point where one feels as if the media is a grossly overextended April Fools joke. Yet these are the same people who believe they should get to dictate what information you see and share online as the self-appointed  arbiters of “truth.”

There are so many stories to choose from recently to illustrate media bias and outright silliness that it’s almost hard to choose. Many seriously delivered statements and articles could’ve doubled equally well as April Fool's jokes upon the American public. Unfortunately, media nonsense is no joke, and it is poisoning America.

We’re all probably sick of hearing about “Transgender Day of Visibility,” especially since Biden et al. decided to keep it on Easter Sunday this year, but one story that MRCTV highlighted seems to encapsulate the media lies and denials of basic biology and morality throughout the year. 

“ABC’s ‘Station 19’ Promotes Kids Attending Pride Parades, Calls Gay Open Relationship ‘Ethical Non-Monogamy’,” MRCTV reported. While the show’s version of a Pride parade was unrealistically G-rated, according to MRCTV, it did show a drag queen shaking his hindquarters as children watched. Considering how damaging LGBTQ ideology and treatments are to children, ABC should be ashamed of itself. But no matter how ridiculous the LGBTQ fantasy gets, leftist media defends it.

Meanwhile, “The View” hosts were seriously triggered by the suggestion that they should judge people by their character and not their skin color. When Coleman Hughes went on the woke show to discuss his book "The End of Race Politics: Arguments for a Colorblind America," host Sunny Hostin — a racist, antisemitic descendant of slave owners, according to MRC NewsBusters — was upset. While Hughes critiqued the “anti-racism” movement, which is racial prejudice under a different name, Hostin, Joy Behar, and Whoopi Goldberg weren’t convinced that they should aim for a “colorblind” society. Hostin tried name-calling and misusing quotes from Martin Luther King Jr., and only succeeded in making herself look foolish.

Then there’s the media push to ignore the violence committed by illegal aliens and radical leftists, instead falsely and viciously smearingChristian nationalists,” especially Trump supporters, as dangerous extremists. The media coverage of Jan. 6 was absolutely shameful, and that same blatant information manipulation and baseless name-calling continues. No wonder so few Americans trust mainstream media. 

Even as attacks on and targeting of churches, traditional Catholics, and Christian centers increased over the last few years, the media continue to pretend that Christians are the problem instead of the victims. Just as the media cover for Joe Biden’s stupid gaffes and criminal son, they go after Donald Trump and anyone they perceive as his supporters with a vengeance.

You can also always count on the media to cover up for climate hypocrisy. The very same politicians who push lies about the fake climate crisis, predicting the imminent end of the world, are the same with the largest carbon footprints who fly themselves around in private jets. 

For instance, the Associated Press reported on March 28, “Green Day will headline a United Nations Human Rights-backed global climate concert on Tuesday at the famed Fillmore in San Francisco.” The outlet babbled about “crisis” and “tragedy” and “social justice” and “inequalities exacerbated by climate change” but forgot to note what climate truth teller Steve Milloy pointed out: “Private jet-flying, multimillionaire hypocrites to headline concert against climate inequality.🙄” The AP also left out all the evidence indicating there is no climate crisis. All the AP produced in this case was silly leftist propaganda, nothing to do with real journalism.

Speaking of propaganda, leftist media figures went off their rainbow-painted rockers when NBC tried to hire former Republican National Committee (RNC) chair Ronna McDaniel.  Now I happen to believe that McDaniel deserved what she got; she spent years betraying Republican voters and pandering to lefties, only to be backstabbed in her turn. McDaniel aside, however, the media reaction proved that these people are not objective journalists but brainwashed woke mouthpieces who cannot endure the slightest contact with anyone who disagrees with their own opinions in the smallest way.

Today is April Fool's Day, but fools run America’s mainstream media year-round.


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