Bidenomics Hits Gas Prices

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Let’s go, Brandon! As the Biden administration and its slavish media lackeys celebrate “Bidenomics,” Americans living in reality have been feeling pain at the pump as the national average for a gallon of gas went up 30 cents in a month.


Americans having to pick up extra jobs to make ends meet and facing still-severe inflation at the store know all the “Bidenomics” propaganda is balderdash. That doesn’t stop Democrats, however. In a July 24 tweet, for instance, Joe Biden’s Twitter account actually claimed that he brought down gas prices: “On our watch, unemployment is down. And to the surprise of a lot of economists, so is inflation. We did it by getting Americans into the workforce, fixing broken supply chains, and lowering the cost of living from the gas station to the pharmacy.”

I previously reported that inflation didn’t go down; rather the rate of inflation slowed somewhat. But back to gas prices.

At the same time Biden was making the above claim, gas prices were rising. From MRCTV’s Nick Kangadis on Friday:

Compared to a month ago, the national average price of a gallon of regular gas has gone up a little over 30 cents, according to AAA. One month ago, the price sat at $3.529/gal, while it currently sits $3.831/gal.

And for those that like to chew their tongues while they talk and play the “It’s Still Lower Than It  Was Last Year” game, the average price of a gallon of regular gas was $2.168/gal. in 2020, before the current regime took over, according to statistics from the U.S. Energy Information Administration.

Just one year later, in 2021, that average jumped to $3.008/gal. and all the way to $3.951/gal. in 2022.

That’s almost a two dollar increase in two years. However, that doesn’t come close to the all-time high for the national average price of gas, which was achieved by the Biden regime on June 14, 2022, where it reached $5.016/gal.


So gas went up nearly $3 a gallon just in Biden’s first year and a half. Ah, for the days of the Trump administration and energy independence.

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It’s rather stunning that the Democrats have seized on the economy to try and promote Sleepy Joe’s disastrous presidency, since most Americans would probably agree that the economy is one of his biggest failures. But the administration certainly doesn’t deal in reality. While Biden boasts about gas prices, we pay more at the pump. That’s Bidenomics in action.


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